At Solution RPO, we follow a multi-pronged approach to deliver effective and excellent results.

In the offshore recruitment process outsourcing industry, results matter first. We believe in partnering with you, identifying your requirements and pressures, your business approaches and objectives, and delivering smart solutions.

Consequential progress towards your goals is what we make visible in all of our partnering initiatives. Our qualified and experienced team of virtual offshore sources, recruiters, business development managers, and job search agents are dedicated towards meeting your specific challenges in a collaborative environment. They have the meticulousness, the processes, the knowledge, and the motivation to deliver the best.

Over the years, our experience in the offshore recruitment process outsourcing industry has taught us how to achieve success for ourselves and for our partners. The major cause of any outsourced / offshore business venture failing are either a wrongly set up process or wrongly initiated expectations.

Therefore, we have devised a multi-pronged approach based on our experience. Each approach is crucial for success. Depending on your hiring challenges, our virtual offshore team works in tandem with your onsite team irrespective of whether the hiring volume is big or small.


  • Proactive recruitment — identifying and building talent pools for immediate and future needs. This strategy reduces risk and lengthy recruitment application processing costs.

  • Efficient and rapid sourcing of candidates - increases the pool of talent to choose from.

  • Best of breed applicant tracking systems, processes, expert recruitment specialists, and strong procedural methods insure efficiency through economies of scope and cost reduction.

  • Direct recruiting and multi - channel sourcing strategies mitigate the need for expensive external sourcing channels.

  • Our management reporting demonstrates results.

  • Ultimately, the hiring managers still make hiring decisions whilst our responsibility is to deliver the tools, methods, and knowledge to improve their performance.

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