No other RPO provider has the technology expertise that Solution’s offers—our technology and our partnerships are exclusive. In combination, these allow us to perform the most comprehensive and dynamic candidate targeting by industry. Your competitors simply won’t stand a chance in trying to hire the same talent because we’ll find them and recruit them first! We also pro-actively review results to ensure you’re always getting top talent.

Competitor Analysis: Our deep web searches including x-ray and flip searching, allows us to know what your competitors are doing, which gives you a leg up on the competition.

Prospecting: Social audience audits allow us to identify the social media platforms preferred by your target candidate audiences and monitor conversations pertaining to your brand and job offerings.

Market analytic: We evaluate sourcing stream effectiveness by skill set, geography and industry segment including candidate supply and demand ratios. Our solution design, implementation, recruitment and sourcing teams assess the efficacy of information from various sources to create a customized strategy to meet the targeted need.

Recruiters who are certified technology specialists -Solution’s approach to sourcing candidates throughout the entire employee lifecycle goes beyond just technology. Our recruiting innovation is not focused solely on the sources we use, but on our recruiters’ ability to efficiently navigate these sources and uncover top talent. Our recruiters are certified on multiple technology platforms and have multiple years of experience that result in the creation of candidate networks specifically designed to meet your recruiting needs.

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