Co-Sourcing RPO

Co-sourcing RPO

RPO & CO-SOURCING is a customised service designed to supplement your internal recruitment processes or staff.

With our RPO & Co-Sourcing service, you can outsource chunks of the recruitment process to our expert team.

Perhaps you are a busy decision maker without the time to carry out screening or first round interviews, or perhaps you work within an internal recruitment team, and simply require a hand dealing with candidate sourcing and apsects of recruitment process management .

Whoever you are, we are happy to support you at any stage throughout the recruitment process:

  • HR STRATEGY: Planning, Job Profiling, Support & Advice

  • SOURCING: Job Advertising, Advert Response, CV Sourcing, 

  • INTERVIEWING: CV Selection, Shortlisting, Telephone & Face to Face interviewing


  • RECRUITMENT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS: ‘One Source' Aggregated CV Databases, ‘One Source' Applicant Tracking system, ‘One Source' of Online Advertising & Multi-posing

  • COMPLIANCE: Process compliance, Legal compliance & Administration

SOLUTION RPO is a top provider of tailor-made recruitment service packages, which cater precisely to your needs and work within the parameters that you define. As such, we are in a position to provide the exact service which you require, either as your sole recruiters or working alongside your existing recruitment system, with a price adapted to match your specifications.

Not only do you benefit from a streamlined recruitment process, but you also benefit from our team's expert insider knowledge of both the job market and the industry, as well as access to additional technologies.

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